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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
December 2018

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D'Ann Kusak:(12-4-18 nf)  We visited with D'Ann this evening by phone and she reports that she suffered bad headaches last week until Sunday she went to an emergency room for treatment. Several test there revealed that she had suffered 2 mini strokes and that she had a tear in a carotid artery that was bleeding. She is awaiting tests results and physician decisions as to their next course of action.  Lift up your prayers for D'Ann and doctors for successful treatment & recovery.

David Sheetz:(12-4-18 nf) David called Forrest last night to advise that he would be undergoing orthopedic surgery on his neck /upper back at Mercy Hospital in Durango, Colorado this morning. Will update as info becomes available. Please pray for successful outcome and pain free recovery.  UPDATE: (12-5-18 nf) Forrest visited with David by phone today who reported that he underwent cervical spinal fusion surgery on 12-4 replacing 4 discs with plastic discs held together with a titanium plate. David will be released to his home later today and invites your prayers for a speedy and full recovery.

Bobby Haynes:(12-10-18 nf) We visited with Bobby today and he reported that on Nov. 3rd he fell in his kitchen and struck his head on the fridge. He was later hospitalized with serious head injury where a hole was drilled into his skull and a tube inserted to relieve fluid and pressure on his brain. He was in the hospital for 9 days and in rehab for 20 days. He is now at home recovering. Give him at call at 281-804-6461 at his home in Conroe and continue to pray for his recovery.

 Pat Kainer:(12-18-18 nf) N. Zoch visited with Pat by phone and Pat is having issues after his neck surgery last week. His feet and ankles are swollen with pain in his calves, also a persistent cough. He is to see his cardiologist this week. Had x-rays and ultrasounds Monday and just not feeling well overall. Keep Pat in your daily prayers.

Jerry Novak:(12-18-18 nf) N. Zoch also talked to Novak who AFIB'ed last week, his heart was not beating correctly causing his life vest to go off. Jerry spent 4 days in the hospital in Tomball but is now recovering at home. Give him a call and put him on your daily prayer list. 

Jon Devore: (12-21-18 rh) We received information from Anthony Kivela today that he had spoke to Jon Devore this morning about a Facebook post, and inadvertently found out he has been diagnosed with throat cancer, stage 3.  Recent tests show that it has spread to the lymph nodes.  Anthony and I both found Jon to have a great attitude, knowing that God is with him. He starts his chemo and radiation treatments on January 7.  Jon says that he welcomes calls from old friends..  He spent over 20 years at the range, many retirees will know him, if not by name, by face.  Jon was always tremendously friendly and helpful at the range, both with active and retirees. Please keep Jon and his family in your prayers.

 Wiley & Jean Douglass:(12-22-18 nf) We visited with Jean earlier this week after she was released from the hospital being diagnosed with two stress fractures in her back. She is confined to a wheelchair with brief movements with a walker, both being painful. She is pain-free while sitting or laying down. Recovery could take weeks. Wiley had to be moved to Grace Care Center at Tuckerton & Huffmeister when Jean was hospitalized and will be there through the holidays. It will be lonely holidays for both, keep them in your daily prayers. NOTE: Wiley passed away on December 24.

Sue & Forrest Turbeville:(12-23-18 nf) Today was their 72nd Wedding Anniversary. What an awesome couple they are. Sue is somewhat disabled and they are mostly homebound, if you get a chance give them a call.  It would mean a lot to both of them. 713-319-0546.

Guy McMenemy:(12-31-18 nf) Guy underwent abdominal hernia surgery Friday, released that afternoon and went home. At about 2AM Saturday morning, he complained of chest pains & transported to North Cypress Hospital, 21214 Northwest Frwy where test revealed he may have had a heart attack after surgery  with a heart cath is scheduled for today. He is in Room #3205. Lift up your prayers for Guy and his doctors and a favorable outcome & recovery.

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December 2018

Lila Berner, member, December 7, 2018

Mary M. Babineaux, mother of member John Babineaux, December 8, 2018

Virginia Cormier, mother of member Jerry Cormier, December 9, 2018

Carl W. Williams, member, December 16, 2018

Billy Joe Todd, member, December 24, 2018

James Wiley Douglas, Jr., member, December 24, 2018

Chris L. Hall, December 26, 2018

Thomas E. Baker, member, December 31, 2018

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