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  How to Become a Member

Regular Membership in the Houston Police Retired Officers Association is based on the sole requirement that a member is receiving a pension benefit from the Houston Police Officers Retirement System, i.e., a monthly retirement payment, a surviving spouse's monthly payment, or currently a member in the Deferred Retirement Optional Plan (DROP).  Associate Memberships only require a current members sponsorship, but do not require the applicant to previous employment with the Houston Police Department.  In either case the application must be approved by the HPROA Board of Directors.

To become a member:

1.) Applicants who are members of the police retirement system (HPOPS) can be submitted, or printed online by (CLICKING HERE). (Online submissions require  credit card information)

 1a.)  Applicants applying for  Associate Membership can be submitted, or printed online by (CLICKING HERE) (Online submissions require  credit card information)

NOTE: The following items DO NOT apply for Associate Member applicants.

2.) Contact the HPROA Office at 713-802-2967, or toll free at 1-866-856-7252, and request an application form by mail, which can be returned by mail.  Addition Application Forms can be obtained at the HPOU offices,  2600 State Street, across from the Houston Police Federal Credit Union. Dues can be paid by check or credit card.

3.) Download and print the application by (CLICKING where indicated in #1).

4.) If not completed on line, cut application form from the Retired Badge (official newspaper of the HPROA) and return by mail.  Dues can be paid by check or credit card.

5.) Or, pick up an application at the HPROA monthly meeting, held the second Thursday of each month, at 9:30 AM, at the KC Hall, 606 E. Whitney.

Note:  The HPROA provides *optional insurance from the TMPA for those retiress who meet the qualifications as outline by the laws of the State of Texas and wish to carry a firearm. This insurance is not available for Associate Members

*$40.00 per year, and can be paid directly to the HPROA at the time of application for membership, or renewal application. 

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