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  Posted on: Friday, May 1, 2020
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Family Assistance Update
May 2020

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Roger Burkhalter: (5-29-20rh) M.D. Beale advised us that and he and Roger spent some time together shooting pistols at Pearland Shooting Club. Their first since the police academy – Class 38 – 1968.  M.D. stated Roger has been fighting throat cancer and is continuing chemo and radiation treatments.  This week his blood count has dropped significantly and he’s due to get a transfusion so he can continue his treatments.

Please lift up prayers for Roger and his family.  It’ll be greatly appreciated.

Dot Smith (5-26-20 blc) Talked with Dot Smith, surviving spouse of Retired Captain Chuck Smith,  and she advised that she has esophageal cancer and is under hospice care. I spoke with her daughter this morning and they have asked for prayers for comfort during this difficult time.  She has requested no phone calls or visitors as Dot is sleeping a lot. Please keep her in your prayers.

Henry Pressley: UPDATE (5-24-20rh) Nelson Zoch  received a call from Henry's daughter Tina. She advised him that Henry fell last Monday night and fractured a hip.  He had surgery this past week and is now in a rehab facility in Pearland called the Collonades at Reflection Bay.  He will probably be there a minimum of three weeks.  Nelson did speak to Henry once prior to his fall and he was in good spirits that day but Tina said that changes from day to day.  Henry needs a lot of prayers to get through this at his age.  Tina says he is not up to phone calls at this time.

Sue Shelburne: (5-21-2020 blc) Spoke with Sue Shelburne this morning. She is the widow of Ike (Frog) Shelburne who passed away in 2009. Sue is now almost 85 years of age and is the main caretaker of her grandson Jason who is 35. He was born with cerebral palsy and has had many medical problems throughout the years. He is currently on dialysis 3 days a week and is waiting for a kidney transplant.  Even with all of his medical problems, he and Sue are very active on the Rabbit committee for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Sue and Ike's daughter and Jason's mother, Phyllis, passed away in 2018 from leukemia. Sue wanted to say hi to all and also to ask for prayers for Jason.

Ismael(Iffy) Flores Jr.: (5-17-20bc) Luis Ballesteros received a call from Ismael advising him that he had a heart attach Friday night and was at St. Luke's Hospital awaiting a stent procedure.  He has since been released and is at home.  Luis states that Ismael has had multiple health issues. Please keep Ismael in your thoughts and prayers. 

Sharon Carter: ( 5-16-20rh) John Harlan visited with Gerald Carter yesterday by phone and found that Gerald's wife, Sharon, had just been diagnosed with cancer.  Gerald said that she will begin treatment this next week and he would appreciate many prayers as possible for Sharon.   

Arthur Price: (5-14-20rh)  Arthur  suffered a stroke on February 2, 2020. Barbara Cotten talked with Mary Price, Arthur's wife today. She said he is doing better physically, however he is still having speech and memory problems. She said he is in good spirits. Lets keep Arthur and Mary in our prayers for him to continue to improve.

Henry Pressley: Deceased 10-19-2020 Nelson Zoch was able to speak with Henry's daughter Tina Faircloth and learned that Henry developed a large tumor on his brain and was operated on back on January 3 of this year.  He is recovering in a rehab facility near Pearland.  A part of him is functioning somewhat while there are still a number of issues with other parts of the brain.  He is alert at times but still has a difficult time remembering certain things.  Of course he wants to go home but he is just not able to do so at this time.  Tina does not think he should have a lot of phone calls as those  might confuse him even more.  She did say it would be good for Nelson to contact him to let him know we are thinking of him. He tried today, but he did not answer. Tina says she will keep us updated.  Please keep Henry in your thoughts and prayers.

 Steve Vaeza: (5-12-20rh) Steve has been having serious health issues. In the last month or so he has fallen several times and he has been in and out of the hospital.  His heart is weak and he is having circulation problems in his legs. Please keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers. He does enjoy receiving calls from friends. His number is 713-857-3866.

Bruce Music: (5-12-20rh) In 2015 Bruce suffered a major stroke which left him paralyzed on the left side.   This last March Bruce had another major stroke on the opposite of side of the brain. Fran, Bruce’s wife, contacted us yesterday and stated that after Bruce was released from the hospital he was admitted to a rehab center, but she decided to take him home after only 9 days due to the corona virus outbreak. She said that Bruce is having home therapy, is still weak, and needs to build up his strength slowly. He also is still having difficulty with speech and he is not up to receiving calls at this time.  Please keep Fran and Bruce in your prayers.  

Chase Cormier: (5-2-20rh) Many of you may have heard of the tragedy last night involving an H.P.D Helicopter crash. One of our officers lost his life, Jason “Mike” Knox.  His partner, Chase Cormier, was critically injured. Chase Cormier is the son of HPROA member Jerry Cormier. Jerry advised us this afternoon that Chase had just gotten out of surgery and is in bad shape, but he is alive. All of his nerves in his spine below the L4 were severed so he is going to be in for a long rehab. They are just so thankful he survived. However, Chase is so sad and remorseful for the loss of his partner.  Please lift up prayers for the family of Jason and for Chase and his family.
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