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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
October 2019

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Doug Bostock: (10-2-19 nf) Doug was released from the hospital this afternoon and is now at home recovering with 2 weeks of oral medications of heavy duty antibiotics that should eliminate the infection in his leg. Continue to lift up those prayers for Doug's full recovery.

David Sheetz: (10-7-19 nf) We visited with David via phone and he advised that on 10-1-19 he had knee replacement surgery which did not go as expected. Initially, there was postoperative pain and bleeding that took a couple of days to control, then his oxygen level fell to concerning levels. All of which required his hospitalization until 10-6-19. He is now at home taking his meds hoping for a pain free and speedy recovery. We pray for that outcome also.

M.D. Beale Jr: (10-7-19 nf)  Medwin reports that on 9-30-19 he was admitted to S.E.Memorial hospital where he was diagnosed with a mild heart attack and two stents were inserted. He was released the following day and is now at home doing fine. We pray for his continued recovery and good health.

Harold Krause: (10-9-19 nf) We visited with Harold today and he reports that he completed his chemo treatment plan in August and is now waiting for results of a PET scan, which hopefully will bring an end to  further treatment and allow him to regain his strength and good health. He is feeling better each day and invites your prayers that his and all cancers be cured and healed. 
Terry Scalise: (10-16-19) On October 8, 2019, Terry fell from a ladder while trimming a tall shrub in his yard. Terry said he fell on the grass and so he thought it "was not to bad".  He was wrong, he fractured both his tibia and fibula and displaced his knee. As a result, he will be wearing a brace on his right leg and no weight on the leg for a month.  He will then go back to his doctor for an evaluation.  The doctor stated that surgery was to risky for the area the injury was located.  Terry advised that prayers are needed and phone calls are appreciated. His number is 325-388-8249.  He said that Dianne is taking great care of him. 

Oradean Cran: (10-16-19 rh) Robert Crane, HPROA's Sergeant of Arms, notified us today that his wife Oradean has been placed in hospice care at Hospice at Texas Medical Center, 1905 Holcombe, Houston.  He stated that they have been together for 70 years and have been married for 59 years.  Please lift up prayers for Oradean, Robert, and their family. (NOTE) Oradean passed away oneOctober 27, 2019.

Lisa Kennedy: (10-23-19 rh) We contacted Chuck to check on Lisa and he advised she is still fighting cancer. A year and a half ago she was first diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She underwent surgery and received chemo treatments. After completing the chemo treatments it was believed that the cancer was gone. Six months later the cancer came back with a vengeance, invading other parts of her body.  She is now on round 14 of chemo treatments and her cancer count is down, but she has been in severe pain.  Chuck stated she is one determined and strong lady. Although it is difficult, she continues her work as a school counsellor. Please continue to lift up prayers for Lisa and Chuck.

Forrest Turbeville: (10-22-19 nf) Forrest will undergo cataract surgery this morning on his left eye at the Berkley Eye Center in Katy. Having lost sight in his right eye some years ago, he invites our prayers that surgery would be successful and maintain full field of vision going forward.  

Al Thiel: (10-26-19) Al is the son in law of Jim and Dorothy Ashby.  Jim has asked that our members please pray for Al.  Al has been stricken with an extremely critical medical condition and he has been hospitalized almost a month for an Aorta replacement. He was in ICU seven days. A few days after being moved to ICU he required emergency surgery for a resection on his colon and he has been in ICU since. Jim  reported late yesterday that Al would possibly be moved from ICU to a regular room within a few days and prayers already lifted were working.  Al and Jim's daughter Jane are the owner's of Pasadena Printing and for many years they have provided our HPROA "Pride Wear". Most of us have seen Al and Jane at our meetings and reunions selling HPROA apparel. Prayer warriors, please join Al's family in praying for him.

James L. Summers, Jr., member, Sept 12, 2019
Dale D. Pendleton, September 27, 2019
Bennie E. Faist, Jr., October 4, 2019
Charles H. Atkins, member, October 7, 2019
Janet F. Lee, October 9, 2019
Tommy M. Phillips, October 20, 2019
Carl K. Bell, member, October 20, 2019
Richard N. Holley, October 22, 2019
Charslie Morrison, Surviving Spourse of L. D. Morrision, Octoberr 25, 2019
Ruby I. Roman, October, 2019
Ora D. Crane, wife of member Robert Crane, October 27, 2019

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: Who forgives your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases. Psalm 103:2-3

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