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Houston Police Retired Officers Association
Family Assistance Update
November 01, 2019
November 2019
Jo Bankston:(11-27-19 nf) Deceased The family of Jo Bankston reports that Jo has been in declining health the last few weeks and the family covets your prayers.

Lisa Kennedy:  ( 11-20-19) Chuck notified us that last Friday Lisa rang the bell at M.D. Anderson, signifying  that she had just completed her last chemo treatment for stage 3 ovarian cancer.  He stated that the week after Thanksgiving she will have a CT scan to determine the strength of the pill she will have to take the rest of her life to control the cancer. Chuck and Lisa wanted to thank everyone for their prayers of support. He said he loves the HPD brotherhood (family) and God Bless all.

Sal & Patty Gambino: (11-14-19 rh)  Barbara Cotten talked to Patty Gambino today who said that Sal is not doing well.  His pancreas is not working and muscles in his esophagus are collapsing so that he is unable to eat much, if he can eat at all.  He is now down to 123 lbs. Patty said he is in pain and has decided to go into Hospice, but wants to wait until after his birthday on December 1st. Patty also has health issues. She has fallen several times this year resulting in busting her knee and re-tearing her right rotator cuff. She will need a knee and shoulder replacement. The doctor told her that medically she is fine, however her bones and joints are not. Sal would love to hear from old friends and partners. His phone number is 281-355-8118.  Please keep Sal and Patty in your prayers.

Mike Gann:(11-13-19 nf) Mike is expected to be released from Memorial Herman hospital Woodlands after undergoing tests and evaluations. He will begin some physical therapy, adjustments to his diet and some changes in his current meds. Mike suffers from an inoperable heart condition.Keep Mike in your daily prayers. 

Nelson Foehner:(11-3-19) Foehner reports that he is currently  in between chemo treatments which is a 7-8 hour IV drip of 4 different medications every 3 weeks. After his next treatment on 11-3, they will do a pet scan to see if progress is being made. So far, he has tolerated his treatments well. He invites your prayers & your phone calls.713-857-2924

Jim Hudson: (Update 11-13-19)   Jim advised us today that he has been moved to Encompass Health & Rehabilitation located at 13031 Wortham Center, Houston, 77065.   (11-10-19 rh) We received a call from Jim Hudson this morning advising that he fell at his home and fractured his pelvis.  This is after previous months in the hospital due to a broken femur, hip replacement, broken and replaced hip replacement, and infections.  He was just beginning to have significant improvement in his mobility and now again in pain.  Jim is in Memorial Hermann Hospital at Memorial City on the Katy Frwy.  He appreciates your prayers and phone calls. His number is 281-610-1236.