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Carman M. Brumley
November 5, 2019
11/08/19 10:22 AM
Carman M. Brumley, a member of the HPROA,  passed away on Tuesday, November 5, 2019, at the age of 80. He is survived by his wife, Patricia Ann Brumley. [More]
Business Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2019
10/18/19 2:42 PM

Call to Order: President Bob Barnard called meeting to order at 9:50 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Ed Aldridge

Welcomed New and First Time Members

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
•Motion by Nelson Zoch, 2nd by Jim Montero to accept the minutes as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.
Suspended Regular Order of Business

Dan Crenshaw, U. S. [More]
Board Meeting Minutes
October 10, 2019
Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Ed Aldridge

Present:   Aldridge, Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, McDonald, Potell, Rayne, St. John, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch
Parliamentarian – James Bollig 

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 

Motion by Potell, 2nd by Walschburger to approve the Minutes and Treasurer’s Report as printed. Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President - Bob Barnard
• U.S. [More]
2020 DROP/PROP Interest Rate
October 15, 2019
10/15/19 4:23 PM

In a year with market changes hinging on tweets and political rhetoric, HPOPS is holding its own. For this calendar year the System has a rate of return greater than 11%. However, our fiscal year began July 1, 2019, so it is too early to predict our investment return for the fiscal year. [More]
TSA November K-9
Volunteers Needed
3/29/19 6:32 PM
HPROA Members;

Thanks for your continuing support. In order for TSA K9 to conduct training, they must use role players.  Being a role player is pivotal to our training; and it just simply means acting like a flying passenger in the airport while maintaining the item the canine is searching for (provided by the handler). Role players are a pivotal component of the program and without constant role player support they cannot conduct this crucial training. 
                  November Dates 
Monday. [More]
Family Assistance Update
November 2019
11/01/19 4:11 PM
Nelson Foehner:(11-3-19) Foehner reports that he is currently  in between chemo treatments which is a 7-8 hour IV drip of 4 different medications every 3 weeks. After his next treatment on 11-3, they will do a pet scan to see if progress is being made. So far, he has tolerated his treatments well. He invites your prayers & your phone calls.713-857-2924

Jim Hudson
: ( 11-10-19 rh) We received a call from Jim Hudson this morning advising that he fell at his home and fractured his pelvis. [More]
Retiree Roundup
October 2019
Doug Bostock: (10-2-19 nf) Doug was released from the hospital this afternoon and is now at home recovering with 2 weeks of oral medications of heavy duty antibiotics that should eliminate the infection in his leg. Continue to lift up those prayers for Doug's full recovery.

David Sheetz: (10-7-19 nf) We visited with David via phone and he advised that on 10-1-19 he had knee replacement surgery which did not go as expected. Initially, there was postoperative pain and bleeding that took a couple of days to control, then his oxygen level fell to concerning levels. [More]

Hill Country Reunion  Set 4 of 4
Hit F5 to continue

Mr. Chris Tritico, noted Attorney-at-Law
Guest Speaker Nov. 14, 2019
11/09/19 9:22 PM
Mr. Chris Tritico, noted Attorney-at-Law, will be at our meeting on Thursday, November 14, 2019.  He will be providing us an update on the Capital Murder conviction of Alfred D. Brown, who murdered our Officer Charles J. Clark on April 3, 2003.  The conviction has been overturned and our Harris County elected District Attorney Kim Ogg has campaigned for Brown's total exoneration by hiring a Special Counsel to review the case. [More]
Medicare Annual Enrollment
10/30/19 12:51 PM
The AETNA Medicare Supplement rates for 2020 have been reduced from $100. to $64.  All other rates remain the same at this time. 

Medicare Annual Enrollment_Page_2.jpg

Pistol Range Closure
11/01/19 2:14 PM
The Retiree Certification Unit / Taser Unit will be closed 
beginning Friday November 15, 2019 through Friday 
November 22, 2019.  and  will reopen on Monday 
November 25, 2019.

This closure is for repairs to the office floor and for 
Lead abatement at the range. [More]
Northeast & Northwest Station Breakfasts
Every FIRST SATURDAY of each month at 7:30 am, 
at the GOLDEN CORRAL, 9663 FM 1960 W. bypass 
       (just west on FM 1960 @ the Eastex Fwy.) 
           Humble. Former Northeast officers  

Every THIRD TUESDAY of each month AT 9:00 AM.
Located at 14243 FM 2920, just West of Hwy 249.
For a monthly reminder e-mail, send your info to Dave Roberts
at  or Steve Rayne at  

Park Place Rangers / Southeast Lunch Bunch
Friday, December 6, 2019
10/09/19 9:28 PM
Park Place Rangers / Southeast Lunch Bunch

The next Park Place Rangers / Southeast Lunch Bunch gathering will be on Friday, December 6, 2019, at 11am. This will be our ANNUAL TOYS FOR TOTS LUNCH. We ask that everyone bring a NEW UNWRAPPED TOY(S). [More]


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