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Benny Rivera, Jr.
Senior Police Officer
6/13/19 3:47 PM

Senior Police Officer Benny Rivera, Jr. passed away on Wednesday, June 12, 2019, at the age of 47. He is survived by his wife Adrienne N. Rivera. [More]
Board Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2019
MAY 9, 2019

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Steve Rayne

Present:   Aldridge, Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Gaines, Kivela, McDonald, Potell, Rayne, St. John, Toth, Walschburger, Zoch

Parliamentarian – James Bollig (absent)

Sergeant at Arms: Robert Crane 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Walschburger, 2nd by Potell to approve the Minutes and Treasurer’s Report as printed. Voice Vote. [More]
Business Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2019
5/15/19 11:51 AM

MAY 9, 2019

Call to Order: President Steve Rayne called meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Chaplain Monty Montgomery

Welcomed New and First Time Members

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion by Bill Elkin, 2nd by Nelson Foehner to accept the minutes as printed.  Voice Vote. [More]
  Retired Badge
TSA June K-9
Volunteers Needed
3/29/19 6:32 PM
HPROA Members;

Thanks for your continuing support. In order for TSA K9 to conduct training, they must use role players.  Being a role player is pivotal to our training; and it just simply means acting like a flying passenger in the airport while maintaining the item the canine is searching for (provided by the handler). Role players are a pivotal component of the program and without constant role player support they cannot conduct this crucial training. 


June 17    06:30 - 10:00 AM    Monday

June 20    06:30 - 10:00 AM    Thursday

June 21    06:30 - 10:00 AM    Friday

June 24    06:30 - 10:00 AM    Monday

June 26    06:30 - 10:00 AM    Wednesday

June 27    06:30 - 10:00 AM    Thursday

June 28    06:30 - 10:00 AM    Friday

 Two of our teams are getting ready for evaluations. [More]
Family Assistance Update
June 2019

Charles "Dick" Atkins:(6-8-19 nf) We visited with Dick this morning by phone and he reports that he is a  patient at the Concierge Skilled Care Center, 2310 N. Eldridge. He initially was admitted there recovering from heart surgery, then came down with pneumonia and just recently diagnosed with COPD.He is still weak and unable to walk. His cell phone is 713-301-6235, give him a call and lift him up and let's keep Dick in our daily prayers. 

Jon Devore (6-7-19 rh):  Cheri, Jon’s wife, advised that they received final confirmation that Jon’s PET scan revealed that he is cancer free. [More]

Retiree Roundup
May 2019

 Retiree Roundup

Sue Turbeville:(5-1-19 nf) Forrest reports that Sue was admitted to Willowbrook Hospital. CCU Room 3430 where fluid is being removed from around the lungs and a transfusion of one unit of blood. She has shown marked improvement with those procedures but is still on oxygen and being monitored closely. UPDATE:  Sue is now at Grace Care Center, 11830 Northpoint, Tomball.  Forrest advises that she is now having good days and bad days and he is not sure how long she will have to remain at Grace Care Center. [More]

January 2019
1/14/19 1:08 PM
The Retiree Cert Unit is now in the Driver Training trailer.
You report there, complete some paperwork the report to the INDOOR RANGE. The 11 am line was for retirees only. The range staff were very professional and personable

 Retirees can ONLY shoot the line at 11:00am MONDAY through FRIDAY. [More]

South East & Park Place Rangers Lunch Bunch
June 28, 2019
6/13/19 6:01 PM
The next Park Place Rangers/Southeast Lunch Bunch gathering will be on Friday, June 28, 2019, at 11:00am.
Bring a friend and join us at:

Maggiano's Little Italy
700 Baybrook Mall
Friendswood, TX  77546

Northeast Station Breakfast
Every FIRST SATURDAY of each month at 7:30 am, 
at the GOLDEN CORRAL, 9663 FM 1960 W. bypass 
       (just west on FM 1960 @ the Eastex Fwy.) 
           Humble. [More]


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