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  Posted on: Wednesday, May 15, 2019
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Business Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2019

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MAY 9, 2019

Call to Order: President Steve Rayne called meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Chaplain Monty Montgomery

Welcomed New and First Time Members

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion by Bill Elkin, 2nd by Nelson Foehner to accept the minutes as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

President – Steve Rayne
Thanked Entertainment Chairpersons Matt and Rosalie Potell for organizing a successful 25th HPROA Reunion.  
Thanked E.J. Smith and his crew for setting up the monthly meeting and for cleaning up afterwards.
The Friday, May 10th Police Week Memorial Ceremony and Reception was cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions.
Check the expiration date on your retired identification and firearms qualification cards.  Identification cards may be renewed at the Academy Pistol Range.  
Requested and received 200 TMPA 2019 Booklets for our members with the TMPA Legal Defense Fund.  Detailed instructions on what to do if involved in a critical incident can be found on page 15 including the 800-848-2088 number to call.  Contact information and procedures to follow will be placed permanently on the HPROA Website and in each edition of the Retired Badge.  
Retirees over 70 years of age received a 4% COLA increase.
The by-laws of your HPROA state each year there will be an election for president and half the board of directors. This year the positions up for election are: President, 1st Vice-President, Treasurer and Board Positions #2, #4. #6.  Any regular member in good standing may run for any position.  Any regular member wishing to be elected to any of the open positions must submit their names and the position they are seeking to the Nominating Committee Chairman Steve Benavides before 5:00pm Wednesday, June 12, 2019.  Steve may be reached at 832-381-7305 before the deadline.  Steve will verify he eligibility of the candidates and announce the approved list of candidates at the June business meeting.

Executive Director – Anthony Kivela
HPOPS Report:
o The fund is performing well, with an approximate balance of $5.54 Billion.
o Retirements are trending close to the numbers for last year, with 52 retirements to date up to April 2019 and 51 from the previous year’s reporting period.
o HPOPS Trustee Mike Newsome attended the membership meeting:
? Discussed John Lawson’s retirement as Executive Director and his contributions to the membership.
? Announced that his time as an “active” trustee will end in July 2019 and a special election will need to be held in order to fill his position with an active officer.
? The HPOPS Board voted Pat Franey, HPOPS current Chief Investment Officer, to serve as Interim Executive Director while a national search is conducted.
Letters that were received were read to the membership:
o Reverend and Mrs. Delmas Luedke were acknowledged for their donation to the Family Assistance Committee in memory of Albert Pivonka.
o Card of thanks from Laverne Pivonka for the standing spray of flowers for Albert Pivonka.
The membership was invited to the Senate Floor Resolution presentation for Bill Elkin.  Senator John Whitmire has scheduled the Senate Resolution for May 14, 2019.  Various members publically acknowledged Bill’s four plus decades of contributions.
The HPROA honored Bill and BeBe Elkin at the Houston Reunion. Bill served for 25 years as the HPROA Executive Director and as our representative in Austin.  
An Article on the Social Security Act’s Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset has been submitted and will be published in the next edition of the Retired Badge.

Treasurers Report – Ed Aldridge
$230,472 in the bank.  

Retired Badge – Nelson Zoch
Please submit articles before May 15th for the June –July edition.

Membership Committee – Roy McDonald
1,783 members as of May 8th.  
The board approved 5 new members today. 9 members reinstated. 25 members dropped and have been contacted.  
Members may renew memberships with a credit card or make changes at any meeting.

Website Committee – Jim Ashby
9,000-12,000 average monthly visits to the website.
Retired Badge will be on the website as well as printed and mailed.  
Microsoft, IBM, IRS, etc. will not call on the telephone.  Hang up on these scammers.  Call Jim with any questions or help.
Contact Jim if you know anyone who would like to place an advertisement on the HPROA Website.  It is only $20 per month.
Contact Jim if you need the User Name and Password to the HPROA Membership Directory Website.  

Family Assistance Committee – Forrest Turbeville and Nelson Foehner
Please contact members of the FAC with any needs or concerns:
Nelson Foehner (281) 351-4669 Ray Smith    (281) 731-1588
Forrest Turbeville (713) 319-5466 Pat Kainer    (281) 642-6645
Ron Headley      (713) 253-5749 Mattie Provost  (832) 653-4921

Members we lost in April were James Kenneth Moran, Judith M. Martin, Ormond G. King, Albert H. Pivonka, Charles R. Neimeir, John Ray’s mother 
Delores M. Coleman and George Buehler’s wife Patricia Buehler.   Johnny R. White and Robert O. Brannam also passed away.  Our condolences to the families.

Entertainment Committee – Matt Potell
The HPROA’s 25th Anniversary Reunion was held at the HPD Academy on Saturday, April 27, 2019. 179 members paid attendance.  The silent auction raised $1,320. The silent auctions are the only fund raising activity for the HPROA.  
The Hill Country Reunion in Fredericksburg will be Saturday, October 5, 2019 at Lady Bird’s Park.   More information will follow in the Retired Badge and on the HPROA Website.  

PAC– Bob Barnard
Received $3,890 in contributions.  
Donated $250 TO Mike Laster campaign.  Paid $200 in administrative expenses. 
Total PAC Fund Assets are $83,589.04.

Legislative Committee – Bill Elkin
As of May 9th, there are 19 more days for the 86th Legislative Session.  Both Houses have morphed into the first degree of Chaos.  
Tax reduction/ relief and public education consumed a lot of time.  There were many floor amendments to the House and Senate versions.  The House voted to place the Tax Relief Bill on Hold until 2021.  
To date, nothing directly affecting our Houston Pension Compromise law has been introduced and it is now too late for such legislation,  However, we must keep watch for any germane piece of legislation that could be amended and encompass our compromise.  
There were several pieces of legislation we noted and are still in the mix.  
o HB2773 by Dan Flynn has to do with how systems report their action and investments.  Now in Senate State Affairs.
o HB3373 by Mayes Middleton directed to Galveston Police Pension system to determine trustee elections.  Left pending in committee.
o HB3599 by Gervin-Hawkins addressed problems with San Antonio Police and Fire Pension Systems.  In Senate State Affairs Committee.
o HB3590 by Dan Huberty deals with 17 Houston Fire Fighters who retired before they learned they would be affected in their annuity payments that they gave up when they retired.  In State Affairs Committee.
o SB1335 by Paul Bettencourt allows cities to have local control of pension systems.  It has had no hearing in State Affairs.
o SB2429 by Paul Bettencourt allows cities with Defined Contribution to have a Hybrid Pension System.
o SB681 by Carol Alvarado which eliminates police and fire from comparing wages to private industry, but did not clearly say fire will compare to fire departments and police to police departments.  Signed up against this Bill.  Pending in committee.
o HB1861 by Martinez is a mirror Bill to Alvarado’s SB681. Signed up against this Bill.  Pending in committee.

Good and Welfare –
Carless Elliott stated there would be a Homicide Reunion at 11:00a.m. on Thursday, May 30, 2019 at the Porch Swing Pub, 69 Heights Blvd.

Door Prizes:  
Donny Pardue - $25 and 25th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen
Frank Zavala - $25 and 25th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen
Bill Wehr - $25 and 25th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen
Guy McMenemy - $25 and 25th Anniversary Ballpoint Pen

82 Members in attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.
Sue Gaines,  Board Secretary 

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