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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
May 2019

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 Retiree Roundup

Sue Turbeville:(5-1-19 nf) Forrest reports that Sue was admitted to Willowbrook Hospital. CCU Room 3430 where fluid is being removed from around the lungs and a transfusion of one unit of blood. She has shown marked improvement with those procedures but is still on oxygen and being monitored closely. UPDATE:  Sue is now at Grace Care Center, 11830 Northpoint, Tomball.  Forrest advises that she is now having good days and bad days and he is not sure how long she will have to remain at Grace Care Center.  Forrest invites your continued prayers 

David Zaharis:(5-1-19 nf) We visited with Debbie Zaharis by phone today and she reports that David's condition, in hospice for several weeks, is now very poor and it appears that his time is short. We lift up our prayers for David and Debbie that his time would be peaceful, pain free and comfortable and that she would be strong and courageous in these precious days with the love of her life.  NOTE: David passed away on May 7. 

Don Weaver:(5-12-19 nf) Wife, Dorothy reports that Don has remained at Memorial SW since 4-27 after a fall at his home. The fall caused a bleed in the head which has affected his speech & ability to swallow food, but he is alert and knows what is going on and responds to questions by other means. He has developed pneumonia and this brings on severe coughing spells His overall condition was not good. On 5-16 Don was released from the hospital and moved to his home in Hospice care. His health continued to decline. He passed away on May 19. 

Jim Hudson (5-17-19 rh): A few weeks ago Jim had knee replacement surgery. His recovery has been difficult due to his already weakened condition as a result of spending most of last year in and out of hospitals and rehab centers due a broken hip, femur, and infections.   Jim is now at Vosswood Nursing Center, 815 S. Voss, Houston, 77057. Jim appreciates visitors and phone calls. His number is 281-610-1236. 

Keith Gordon (5-21-19 rh):  We received information from Lynn, Keith’s wife, that Keith had developed a serious problem with blood flow to his leg.  Yesterday Keith was in surgery for seven hours, replacing and repairing veins.   We spoke with him this morning and he sounded strong, but stated he had some serious soreness. Keith is at St. Luke’s Hospital in rm 401.  UPDATE: Keith was released from the hospital and is now at home recovering. His phone # is 936-266-2401.  He would enjoy hearing from old friends, please give him a call and keep him and Lynn in your prayers.   


May 2019

David C. Zaharis, member, May 7, 2019

Conrad Dippel, member, May 9, 2019

 Donald Ray Weaver, member, May 19, 2019

 Joe Vega, May 25, 2019

 Lee Hoffman, member, May 28, 2019

Ronald R. Lill, member, May 29, 2019


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