Posted on: Thursday, October 1, 2020
FAC Monthly Report
Family Assistance Committee
September 2020

RALPH BLOUNT (9-2-20 blc) Information was received that he had been hospitalized due to a possible stroke. His wife, Donna, advised he had not had a stroke but that he had an unknown infection which caused him to be dehydrated plus other symptoms. Donna said he is about 80% better now.

DOUG BOSTOCK (9-5-20 blc) On 9-16-20 Doug had successful but extensive surgery on his legs. He has A-Fib and an infection between his toes. He is in rehab doing physical therapy. He can be reached at 281- 221-7466

BETTY MASON (9-4-20 blc) Betty, widow of Sergeant L.R.P. Pierpont, has been diagnosed with liver cancer and kidney failure.

ROBERT(Bobby) ALANIZ (9-17-20 blc) Bobby has been in ICU for several weeks with complications from COVID. He has now opened his eyes and responding to commands. His wife, Irma, said he is still very sick.

GINGER HILL (9-16-20 blc) Ginger, wife of Rodney Hill, had a brain bleed that left her with partial facial paralysis and affected her left arm. A two-hour operation relieved her pain and she became more alert. She has been diagnosed with Metastatic Melanoma. She is now at TIRR undergoing physical therapy.

FORREST TURBEVILLE (9-20-20 blc) Forrest had a skin cancer removed on his arm and is doing fine. He uses a cane to get around mainly for stability. He said his son and daughter-in-law have been living with him since the death of his wife SuSepe.

MONTY MONTGOMERY (9-22-20 blc) Monty said he is doing okay and looking forward to when we can have meetings again. He stated that his wife, Leah, is having seizures almost every day and other health problems.

LISA KENNEDY (9-26-20 blc) Lisa, wife of Chuck Kennedy, has been battling Cancer for approximately 2 years. The cancer has spread to her liver and spleen and the chemo treatments have not worked. They are now trying experimental treatments. She is currently in the hospital. Fluid must be removed from her lungs often and she has blood clots in her legs. Chuck can be reached at 281-635-4471.

HAROLD (LEE) LAWRENCE (9-28-20 blc) Lee has improved greatly from his stroke and anticipates being released from the hospital soon. Lee wants to give his profuse thanks for everyone's prayers and concerns.

ARTHUR PRICE (9-28-20 blc) Arthur is now in Memory Care at The Delaney at Parkway Lake, 21700 Bellaire, Richmond, Tx

ANDREA MONTGOMERY (9-30-20 blc) Andrea Montgomery, daughter of Chaplain Monty Montgomery, was admitted to the hospital on Saturday, September 26, 2020 with a collapsed lung. She may have to have surgery to correct the problem.

Our prayers are with each of our sick members and their families.


On Friday, September 25, 2020 Barbara picked up and took to storage a step ramp along with 2 threshold ramps, a cane and hospital bed grab bar from Jean Douglass, widow of J. W. Douglass


Tim Dillon presented the Memorial Plaque to Raymond J. Simper’s wife, Cynthia, at his funeral on Thursday, September 3, 2020 at Garden Park Cemetery, Conroe, Texas.

Henry Chavez presented a Memorial Plaque to Lee Blair, daughter of deceased officer, A. J. (Gus) Hruzak who passed away in 2011. At the time of his death, the cemetery would not allow the plaque but will do so now. There was not a formal presentation.

The Houston Police Honor Guard presented the Memorial Plaque to Martin Q. Shofner’s wife, Polly, at his funeral on Thursday, September 17, 2020 at Autry Funeral Home, Jacksonville, Texas.


 Donnie Bird  Brother of Retired Lieutenant Ronnie Bird, Member  September 1, 2020
 Norman Graham, M.D.  Father of Retired Sgt. Norman Graham, Non-Member  September 3, 2020
 Martin D. Shofner  Retired Detective, Member  September 14, 2020
 Thelma A. Smith  Mother of Retired Officer Darrell Smith, Member  September 16, 2020
 Benjamin C. Williams  Sergeant, Active  September 17, 2020
 Russel J. Pete  Retired Lieutenant, Non-Member  September 23, 2020

If we can assist you, please let us know. I can be reached at 281-723-9205.

Barbara Cotten
FAC Co-Chairman


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