Posted on: Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Employment Opportunity
City of Oak Ridge
An HPROA member sent this employment opportunity for posting.  If any retired Officers are interested see the below description.  Multiple officers will be hired.   The openings will be at private schools in the Houston and Katy areas.

The Oak Ridge Police Department in conjunction with Tier One US are acquiring a 5-year contract to provide School Resource Officers for International Leadership of Texas Schools in the Houston, Katy, and Orem areas.

These positions consist of working in the school as a School Resource Officer.  The goals are to protect the children, staff, parents, and resources.  Officers must be able to develop and foster positive working relationships with principals, staff, parents, and students at each campus.  The hours will be approximately 0730 to 1730 and the workdays will be Monday through Friday throughout the school year. These days and hours may vary according to campus and extra-curricular needs.

During the school year officers are asked to attend work daily.  There is no relief factor for personnel so we ask officers to remember they will be given plenty of time off in the Summer months.  If the children are out of school, officers will not normally need to be at the school unless a special circumstance arises.  This means officers will be off on school holidays which includes Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as other holidays.  Officers will have most of the summer off from the end of the school year until school starts up again in the Fall, except for meeting training requirements for the department.  There will be training throughout the year but most of this training will occur before school starts in the Fall.

Salaries will range from $48,000 to $52,000 depending on experience and years of service.  We offer a robust benefit package which includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance for individuals who are interested.  Officers will need to furnish their own weapon. Oak Ridge will provide uniforms and other associated equipment.

This letter is intended to answer many of the questions we have received in the first 24 hours we posted these positions.  We will furnish additional information as it becomes available during final contract negotiations.

Interested officers will need to send their resume to Major Bill Weatherly at,  or go to City of Oak Ridge, TX 

and download a personal history statement and electronically send it to Major Weatherly at the above address.  There is no physical agility test, and no polygraph unless warranted during review of applicant PHS and interview.  Once backgrounds are completed interviews will be set up for potential applicants. 

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