Sunday, December 30,2018
We appreciate very much the work, risk, and sacrifice all
Police Officers make every day. We would be honored to have
any active and/or retired Police Officers stay in either of
our Galveston vacation rental properties; in order to make
their rest and relaxation more affordable, we are offering
discounted rates for both short- and long-term stays. The
short-term discounts (10%) can be accessed at the links
below by entering the discount code TK10. For longer-term
stays, we are offering a steep 40% discount on stays of two
weeks or longer during Fall and Winter months, October
through February.
The 40% discount rates can be accessed by
contacted me, Jodi Rich, at 562.230.9289 or at
Here are links to our properties:
Thank you so much for your interest and assistance,
Jodi Rich