Attorney seeks expert Testimony
From Solo-Accident Officer
Thursday, July 4,2019
From:John Greco
Phone:713-598-2391 (cell)
Contact Preference:Email

Message:I am an attorney in Houston that is looking for a retired HPD motorcycle officer with accident investigation training to serve as a paid expert witness on behalf of the injured plaintiff that was the victim of a motorcycle wreck caused by an inattentive driver making a left hand turn directly in front of the path of the oncoming motorcycle. If any of your members have these qualifications, I would greatly appreciate you providing them my contact information so I can discuss the case in further detail and, if appropriate, retain their services as an expert witness. The lawsuit is filed in Polk County, Texas. Please call me at any time. The phone number I have provided is my cell, so I can be contacted at any time. Thank you, John Greco Internet Address: